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Tø Set The Benchmark In Multipurpøse Design



Tø Be The Benchmark In Multipurpøse City Cløthing



Autumn Winter 2014 celebrates 25 years of Bench heritage making Multipurpose City Clothing - Adaptability, Security, Safety, Insulation. WATCH

- 24 Hour LIfe

Palma. A campaign about living from the am to pm, being active, social and healthy - balancing work and play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. WATCH

Berlin: A campaign about people who thrive in the city, with a purpose-built collection designed to be on the move. WATCH

- Self Made

Let's Make It Happen. A love letter to New York and the people doing it for themselves, led by a compelling doc of 5 real New Yorkers (directed by Ben Fries). WATCH

- Performance

San Sebastian. A fun and colourful sportswear campaign influenced by Bench's streetwear heritage - the surf, skate and BMX scene of the late 80s. WATCH

- Self Made

A call out to all those with a DIY attidude. The doers, the movers, the shakers and most of all the creators. Those people making things happen. WATCH

- 2012

The Bench team found itself taking up residence around the industrious urban backdrop of Shoreditch in East London for the Summer 2012 campaign. WATCH

- Real Scenes

Bench and global electronic music magazine Resident Advisor launch a series of compelling documentaires from around the world. WATCH