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Stories | 24 Hours In London / Pt. 2

#LoveMyHood / It’s A LDN Thing

24 Hours In London

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24 Hours In London

It’s a LDN Thing’s Millie Cotton takes us around her city, taking in the best spots for everything from jogging and brunching to dancing and exploring.

Victoria Embankment / 6am

Whether you’re a late nighter or an early riser, watching the sun come up over the skyline while taking a slow stroll along Victoria embankment is something special. A sunny morning will see shadowy silhouettes contrasted against majestic buildings lit up by the early morning rays.

Nunhead Cemetery / 9am

What better way to kick off a weekend than with a jog? In South East London we’re spoilt for choice of running routes, but my ultimate is up through Camberwell Cemetery down to Nunhead Cemetery. The latter hosts a breathtaking abandoned, but restored, Anglican chapel. On a clear day, the views across London are astounding. It goes without saying that whether or not you’re a runner, the 52 acres are worth a walk through. Grab a book, find a bench and take some time for yourself among the peace and quiet of the nature reserve.

No67 / 12pm

I’m a sucker for brunch – I’d even go as far to say that brunch is the key to my heart, no joke.  No67  on Peckham Road doesn’t have an extensive menu. There’s only a few options, although there are many sides offered to supplement your whatever it is you chose. The ‘Spanglish’ is my ultimate on their menu. It pushes my brunch boundaries – it’s not something I reckon I could successfully make at home myself, and after eating it there, nor would I want to try to. This place also does a killer gluten-free brownie to take away for later too.

South London Gallery / 3pm

Sat right next door is the to South London Gallery . The gallery plays host to exhibitions, live events, shows and talks. The gallery is free, as are most of the events that it regularly puts on. There’s also an adorable book store in the gallery that gets you wanting to read books you’ve never heard of.


Rye Wax / 6pm

Rye Wax can be found in the basement of Bussey Building – another of my South East favourites. However, unlike Bussey, Rye Wax is more of where the party begins, rather than where it ends. The new space is a record store but it also has a bar/cafe area. There’s a happy hour from 6-8pm where two cocktails will only set you back £8, or you can purchase three Red Stripes for a tenner.

Bar Story / 9pm

It’s 9pm and things are starting to get a little turnt up. You aren’t quite ready to make the leap to Shoreditch yet, so where next? Bar Story sits under Peckham Rye station and bar Frank’s in the summer, it’s my favourite place to sit and knock back a few, whether it’s inside or outside – there’s fires to keep you warm outside in the winter. It’s simple and it will only ever be whatever you make of it but it’s certainly one of Peckham’s finest.


Shoreditch House / 12am

Shoreditch House is reserved for those who’ve battled the panel to gain membership, so apologies in advance for including this one if you aren’t a member – but honestly, I couldn’t not. It’s more than likely that a friend of a friend (of a friend etc.) is a member and can get you in anyway. I’ve become beyond obsessed with the Eastern Standards. Many a bottle of wine has been shared before gorging on the sweets free for all in the hallway, before throwing around some shapes in the library.