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Stories | Blog Bohème August Playlist

Bench x Blog Bohème: August Playlist

We’ve teamed up with fashion and music aficionado Michael Ankermüller, founder of Blog Bohème, to share the eclectic mix of music he’s listening to via our Bench Music SoundCloud channel.

A world without music and fashion would be a sad world! It’s almost a life essential, like the air I breathe. The way I dress and the kind of music I listen to expresses my personality. I’m deeply passionate about both and I consider it a form of art. When I listen to music I get lost in my own thoughts which inspire the outfit combinations I put together. I like to create a concept around my looks, showcasing the clothes I wear in the best possible way. Strolling around cities hunting for good spots is an important part of my job as blogger. My aim is to create images that inspire others. The fact that I’ve turned my passion for both music and fashion into a career is something that hasn’t really sunk in yet. It’s just the icing on the cake!

Minimalist, contemporary silhouettes combined with everyday basics are my wardrobe staples and reflect the kind of music I prefer. Music that stimulates my mood, that makes me want to dress in a unique way without being overdressed. Bench clothing hits the nail on the head by creating modern street wear that takes influence from music and city culture.

I’m looking forward to sharing the music I love to listen to with you. This first August playlist I’ve created lifts my mood and reminds me of great adventures and memories I shared with friends. Turn up the volume and absorb the positive vibes!

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