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Stories | #HowToStyle: Summer Styles In Winter


Summer Styles In Winter

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#HowToStyle: Summer Styles In Winter

How to inject summer style into your winter wardrobe

Fashion industry cycles might be confusing from time to time: when temperatures are still falling, summer styles begin to hit the shops.

Colourful prints, light fabrics and fresh new silhouettes drive away dark colours, heavy jackets and thick jumpers. These new styles are just too good to hang in your wardrobe until summer arrives. Shake things up by injecting some much-needed life and vibrancy into your winter ensembles.

Layering is key when it comes to integrating our latest summer styles into your current wardrobe favourites. Team your new summer shirt with a wintery knit jumper or combine a jersey skirt with a warm hoodie. Wear opaque tights or leggings with your new summer dress. Add colourful accessories to brighten up your outfits and lift your mood. Just because the weather is still dreary, doesn’t mean your wardrobe should be.