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Stories | Music Love In Cape Town

#LoveMyHood: Music Love In Cape Town

Editor and music lover Sabine went on a musical mission to Cape Town. On her agenda: festival insights and interviews with local artists.

The We Love Summer festival has all you need for a Saturday rave; sun, heavy electronic sounds, a refreshing lake, hot, tanned bodies, a Savanna dry and happy people dancing the day away.

Wes Billet, organizer at the We Love Summer festival, talks about the musical scene in Cape Town: “I would say that ‘diverse’ is a fitting adjective for Cape Town’s music scene. As a city we’re a melting pot of creativity and I believe this is well represented in our sonic landscape. A special trend within the festival space in my opinion is boutique day time festivals in beautiful scenic venues. These types of boutique festivals are a very prominent feature of the South African house and techno landscape at the moment.”


Ryan Murgatroyd heated up the crowd at the We Love Summer festival. This funny guy is signed with the Get Physical label in Berlin and one half of the DJ Duo Crazy White Boy.  Sabine talked with him about ‘Germafrica’, the almost illegal funny things he did with and him, Cyder vs. Beer, Bra’s and of course music.

Sexy Groovy Love is a colorful jungle inspired festival in a vine yard near Cape Town, surrounded by lush gardens, filled with hypnotic sounds and relaxed party animals.

Chris & Shaun, organizers at the Sexy Groovy Love Festival, share their view on the creative scene in Cape Town: “The electronic music scene in Cape Town is well established, continuously growing, and in a very healthy place. With European style house and techno becoming more popular by the day. African style house music has been around for decades and is making it big in Europe at the moment with the likes of Black Coffee touring Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland and even as far as the United States. The trance scene continues to be very strong and well supported in Cape Town. In fact, Cape Town has been said to be one of the trance capitals of the world! From an events point of view, the trend continues to move outdoors. There are new one-day outdoor festivals popping up every week, which is great to see. From October to April, there are outdoor festivals happening every weekend and on many weekends there are several to choose from!”

If you prefer more chilled sounds, or more specifically alternative folk music, you should definitely listen to the guys from Sean Koch Trio. When listening to their new album ‘Natural Projection’ you automatically feel like you’re at the beach, hanging out with friends. And that’s where you’ll meet the three guys almost every day: at the most beautiful beach of South Africa in Llandudno.

Pics by Tim Köck Photography.

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