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Stories | Ones2Watch: DJ Fabich

#Ones2Watch: Fabich Music

Eager for some fresh tropical house tunes? Don´t miss this week´s #Ones2Watch – Munich based DJ/producer Fabich Music!


You will find Chris Fabich – or Fabich Music as he´s known in the music industry – somewhere in between UK house and the ever-popular deep house. Based in Munich, Chris is a producer and DJ who has already been featured by the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong and Danny Howard as well as superstar The Weekend. He’s also known for his remixes for M83 and Blonde and his tunes have had more than 20 million hits so far. So we thought it was about time we caught up with the talented DJ in Munich for a short Q&A about his passion. 

Tell us about your musical background…

I started making music when I was in school and since then worked as a DJ, and even more importantly a record producer for a lot of urban artists. Around 2014 I decided to focus on my own musical project and since then released on labels like Majestic Casual, Spinnin' Deep and Eton Messy as well as The Magician's POTION records.

How would you describe your music?

I'd say my music is a mix between House and more chilled stuff, so quite melodic but always with a clubby beat. Since I come from an R&B background I like to use jazzy inspired harmonies and also love working with singers!

The Bench #LoveMyHood campaign focuses on city neighbourhoods and the creative people that thrive in them. Where’s your local neighbourhood and what makes it so special?

I was born in Munich and also live there at the moment! Munich is a very relaxed city and compared to other cities the music scene here is quite small. Because of that you kind of get to know everybody after a while and it feels like a family which is something I really like. When we are not working on new music in the studio we like to go out for drinks together or just relax.

What’s your favorite local place, and why?

My favorite local place has to be the English Garden, it's the biggest inner city park in the world and you can go swimming and even surfing there! I love hanging out there during the summer.

Who´s your Ones2Watch?

My ones to watch have to be my Munich friends Ferdinand Weber and Saint WKND! We just released a song together! Also Drunken Masters are doing amazing Trap and Hip Hop sound – so check them out!

What´s next for you?

I'm currently finishing my upcoming EP and look forward to touring this summer!

Eager for some fresh spring tunes? Check out Chris Fabich´s latest track Somewhere with Ferdinand Weber and his great Remix for M83. Also follow Chris around on Instagram for latest updates and don´t miss new songs on Soundcloud. Read our latest #Ones2Watch stories with No Hot AshesBraxton and The Scheme

Fabich x Ferdinand Weber - Somewhere