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Stories | Work Out: Christmas Fat Burning

Work Out: Anti-Christmas Fat

Most of us acquire a little extra winter insulation during the Christmas period and feel like our clothes must have shrunk in the wash!? Healthy eating goes out of the window, with all those amazing winter warmer dishes and the treats and sweets, plus it’s just too cold to go outside to do the normal workout. So, Saskia is here to give us a few tips on how to combat the Christmas calories:

Cardio Training.

Cardio is essential for the Christmas period. Endurance sports helps to shed surplus pounds. Start with taking stairs whilst Christmas shopping and end up in half an hour stepping, running or spinning sessions.

Legs, Bums and Tums.

All you need is a mat, a few weights - you can easily use full water bottles for that - and a gymnastic ball. You can do a whole workout at home, without joining a fitness studio.

Right Food.

If you know you’ve got special plans in the evening (for example New Year´s Eve), try to keep an eye on the food you eat the rest of the day, so that you can enjoy the evening without having to abstain. Also, up your healthy cooking skills, there are so many tasty low carb and healthy recipes out there.

New Sportswear.

Maybe you got new sportswear for Christmas. If not, go and buy some for yourself. For me it´s one of the best motivations to do exercise. If I try new sports clothes on, it gets me in the mood to start my work out.

I hope my tips are helpful for winning the fight against the Christmas calories and you start the new year with a few resolutions.

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