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#workoutwednesday: BOOTY-LICIOUS

Today’s session is all about booty, booty, booty! Johanna shows you 6 exercises to get a butt worthy of a showdown with Kim Kardashian. Let’s go, on your way to your killer buns!

Let’s gooo for some booty!
Would you like a nice butt with some pizzazz? I have 6 exercises that you can do at home. Always pay attention that your butt is nice and tight! IT SHOULD BURN!


Everybody knows them; only few like them. Trust me, this exercise is one of the most effective ones out there! You won’t just work out your butt, your legs and abs are activated as well!
Here’s how it’s done: Legs hip-wide apart. Feet pointing forwards. Now, push your buttocks back (as if you’re taking a seat). Slowly count to 8 while moving downwards. This strains your muscles more effectively. Also count to 8 as you move upwards again. 
-    8 repetitions

One-legged squats

For this exercise, you will need a chair or another object to place your leg on. Pay attention that your knees do not cross where your toes are at. For this exercise, also move down and back up towards the starting position again slowly (ca. 8 seconds).
-    8 repetitions on each side

Planks with leg lift

Not just super for your buttocks, very effective for your abs as well!
How it’s done:
The starting position is the plank. Lift one leg in a controlled motion. Don’t put the leg down! Then, the other leg. 
-    12 repetitions on each side

Glute bridge

One of my absolute favourites! 
Lie down on your back and bend your legs. Arms next to your body. Tighten your butt, lift, and down again. But don’t put your legs down! 
-    20 repetitions
If you want, you can place a weight on your stomach.

Alternating side steps

Both feet point forward. Spread your leg to the side, alternating both legs. The feet touching the ground. Then, change to the other side.
-    15 repetitions on each side

Lateral lunges

Begin from a stable starting position. Alternate sideways lunges and shift the weight to your outside leg. Then press up again. 15 repetitions on one side, then the other leg.
-    15 repetitions on both sides
And now back to the beginning. Three sets! 

Don’t feel like you quite have those beach-ready abs yet? No problem! Johanna shows you how to get your abs fab here. Get inspired by Johanna’s sporty lifestyle: Discover her on Instagram and YouTube or on our blog